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During our 26-Point Maintenance Inspection, your HVAC technician will ensure your system is working properly and running smoothly. This will entail:

  1. Remove The Electrical Disconnect Cover & Tighten The Connections If Necessary
  2. Visually Inspect The Condenser For Any Type Of Damage Or Debris
  3. Visually Inspect The Copper Tubing For Leakage Or Damage
  4. Check Ductwork Efficiency And Identify Loose Or Leaking Connections And Cleanliness
  5. Clean The Condenser Coil If Water Is Available
  6. Check The Circuit Board & Wiring For Scorching Or Discoloration
  7. Tighten All Electrical Connections If Necessary
  8. Check For Proper Voltage To The Condenser
  9. Check The Thermostat For Proper Mounting, Location And Setting
  10. Check, Clean And Replace Standard Filters
  11. If Motor Is Belt Driven, Visually Inspect
  12. Check The Discharge Pressure Of The System Freon Levels
  13. Check The Suction Pressure Of The System Freon Levels
  14. Check The Condenser Fan Blade For Balance & Cleanliness
  15. Check The Amp Draw Of The Condenser Fan Motor
  16. Check The Amp Draw Of The Compressor
  17. Check The Amp Draw Of The Blower Motor
  18. Visually Inspect The Evaporator Coil If Accessible
  19. Test Capacitors And Ensure They Are Working To Specifications
  20. Ensure Contactors Are Working Properly And Are Free From Any Damage
  21. Visually Inspect All Fittings For Signs Of Oil Or Leakage
  22. Test Safety Devices For Proper Operation, Is Present
  23. Confirm Proper Return Air And Assess If Appropriately Sized
  24. Check The Temperature Drop Across The Evaporator
  25. Check The Temperature Difference Between Rooms
  26. Check Super Heat & Sub-cooling

After The Maintenance The Technician Will Provide An Electronic Copy Of The Inspection Report.

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